Define Allowances, Deductions, Expenses, Claim types and Leave types

Go to <Payroll> Menu

Navigate to <Control Panel

To define the allowances and deductions go to <definitions>

Click on <allowances> tab 

Click on <+New> fill in all the details then click <Save>

2. The admin has to define statutory deductions as well. Click on 'Statutory Deductions' under the 'Control Panel' menu. Click on 'New', fill in all the fields and also 'define the deduction formula' then click on 'Save'.

Note: Statutory Deductions are governed by country laws, thus they may be different. On the other hand, the deduction types and deduction rates are unique for different organizations. For the computations to be done right, define these first.

See the screens below:The rates are defined here:

3. The system allows the admin to add a new <Pay Period>. Click on 'Monthly Payroll' under 'Payroll' menu. Click on 'New' to add a new period. Fill in all the fields and save.

  1. 4. The system allows the user to Generate a 'Pay Period'; in this case, a month.

    This populates the default employees with all data, and any adjustments done on payroll. Under <Payroll> select 'Monthly Payroll'. Click on 'New' to add a new period then 'Save'.

  2. Select  a specific pay period, select 'Generate payroll' on the dropdown menu and then click the 'Action' button (See the image below). After that select 'Process Payroll' then click on 'Action'

      This is done after all the payroll adjustments are done; e.g taxes, deductions, adding of new staff, deactivating  employees, adjusting pay rise or pay cuts etc. 

  3. 5.To view employees on payroll on a particular month, double click on the record of your choice. For example, double clicking on the last record, the following window opens. Here, the admin/HR can add Tax types using the 'Tax Types' tab, edit period and also view employees on payroll on the selected period.

    To add more payroll details of a certain employee, click on 'Employees' and then double click on the record you want to edit

    The window that opens will enable you to edit employee details using the 'Edit Details' tab. Also, you can add statutory deductions, add deductions, expenses, Extra banking details of the employee, pension details and Claims.
     Employees will then be able to view their monthly payrolls through their portal.

    For example, to add statutory deductions on an employee, click on 'Statutory deductions' tab and then click on 'New'. Provide the required details and save.

    This application will generate a payroll ledger for a specified month. Click on Payroll, then 'Reports'. Select a year then month and click the 'Report' button.

  4. To view a months payroll, click on 'Payroll' and select a year then month then click on the 'Report' button.

  5. To view an employee's payslip, you will first specify the period in order to view the employees within that period. To do this, click on 'Payslip' under 'Reports' menu and double click on a record.

    A window with a list of employees within that period will open

    To view an employee's payroll double click on one of the records.











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