A Stock Take is a count of the business inventory at hand, typically done at the end of the financial year of an organization. This module deals with the number and types of items that are in a store after sales and purchases  made during the financial year

The system allows the user to keep record of the items moved from the stock i.e 'Store Movement'. Before 'Store Movement' is updated, stock taking i.e 'Stock Take' has to be updated  stating the  quantity of items in the store at the beginning of the financial year.

 1.Stock Take : Under <Transactions> select 'Store Movement' and click on 'Stock Take'. To add 'Stock Take' click on 'New', fill in all the required fields then click on 'Save'.

Once the stock take has been created the system allows the user to add stock details i.e 'Stock Lines'. Double-click on a specific stock take, click on 'New', fill in the quantity of the item in the stock then click on 'Save'.

2.Store Movement: Once the 'Stock Take' has been updated the user can keep record of  items being moved to or from the store that was stock taken. Under <Transactions> select 'Store Movement'. Double-click on a specific store and click on 'New' to input the 'Quantity' and 'Movement date' of items.


Baraza Business Management System allows its users to request for petty cash.



  PETTY CASH: It is an accessible store of money kept by an organization for expenditure on small items.

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