Business Transactions are included in daily activities of organizations. The execution of business operations determine how efficient and effective the results are. In this modern era, Business software/applications are developed to simplify business operations and increase productivity in organizations.

System Overview

DEW CIS Solutions is a leading provider of Information Technology Services and Solutions. Among their Solutions is a Business System that provides an easy and efficient way to manage business transactions with more features integrated into it such as : Project Management, Payroll, and Reports. 

BARAZA BUSINESS is an OPENBARAZA product . It is a system designed to manage business transactions and make book keeping easy. It entails business transactions which are the interactions between businesses and their customers, vendors and others with whom they do business. It also makes accounting easier using a computerized system that does record keeping.


Subscription to Baraza Business

 As for any system, for one to access Baraza Business they have to subscribe and here are the steps to be followed:

1.Click on 'Company Subscription

2.Fill in all  the required fields 

3.Click on 'Apply'

4.Login credentials will be sent to the email provided in step (3) 

5.Click on 'HERE' to login to the system


Dashboard and Main Features

Once one has subscribed, they can access system's modules to manage business transactions. The system's Dashboard is the first thing that appears after one has logged in. The dashboard provides general information on: 'Leads', 'My Leads', and 'Follow Up'. The user gets to see the 'News' and 'Follow up' details,

Baraza Business has three main features:  1. Business , 2. Projects , 3. Payroll, and 4. Reports


 BUSINESS: Business transactions are interactions between businesses and their clients, suppliers. It is an instance of selling, buying/paying something. The book keeping  components are determined and affected by transactions. Baraza Business Management System allows you to keep track of your incomes and expenditures. You can create budget plan and income expense plan.

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PROJECTS: In organizations, projects are carried out to achieve a particular aim. Projects involve a business deal, that is there are interactions between the business and   their clients. Baraza Business Management System allows you to manage projects by creating projects, assigning tasks, adding staff, and keeping track of the project's progress. Reports are generated by the system.

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PAYROLL: Baraza Business Management allows you to manage the total amount of wages and salaries paid to employees. The system allows you to define allowances, deductions, expenses, and claim types. One is able to apply for loans and approvals need to be made for that. The system generates reports.

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REPORTS: For every business reports are needed to help see what was achieved within a specific period of time. Baraza Business Management System provides the user with Reports for every transaction made for both the client and the supplier. The system generates important Reports such as Statement, Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheet.

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