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1. Under <Service Desk> click on 'Petty Cash'. Select 'Types' to specify the petty cash types.

   2. a. To specify the period of request select the 'Periods' tab by double clicking on a particular record.


b. Click on 'New' in the 'Allocations' form and fill in the required details and save

c. To add more details, double click on the record

d. The form that opens enables you to add details on Expenditure, Budget, Banking and Allocations. Save changes after filling all the required fields.


3. The system allows the user to add 'Items' as well as 'Items List' in regards to the purchase to be done


4. Once all the steps above are completed, the user is able to make a 'Petty Cash Request'. Select the option 'Requests', fill in all the fields. Make sure to tick in the 'Request' box symbol then click on 'Save'





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