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1.To view and apply for a post, click on 'Vacancies' under <Service Desk>. A list of 'Available Positions' will be displayed. Check on a record that has details of the post you want to apply and click on the 'Action' button below the form to 'apply for the post'.

 Click on 'Positions Applied' to check all the positions you have applied for.


2. Once users have applied for a position the admin will be able to view them. The system allows the admin to 'Shortlist' then 'Hire' or 'Unshort list' the user. Under 'Employees' click on 'Contracting', then double click on a specific position.

3.The admin will  be able to see all the applications made for the specific position. As an admin choose a qualified candidate's application then click on the 'Action' button to 'Shortlist' it. The chosen application will appear under 'Short Listed'. From there the admin is able to 'Hire' the candidate or 'Unshortlist' the candidate by clicking on the 'Action' button.



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