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Real Estate has gained significance in the business world. A real estate might be residential, commercial, or industrial and is considered as a business unit by the owner. As for every business it has to be managed, it involves the management of property. In this modern era property management software/systems are developed  to facilitate the work of property managers.

DEW CIS Solutions is a leading provider of Information Technology Services and Solutions. Dew CIS provides solutions to real world challenges and one them is the  Baraza Property Management System that provides an easy and efficient way to manage property/buildings.

 System Overview 

Baraza Property Management System is a web application that facilitates the operations and control of properties/ real estate by property managers. The records of the tenants, and the client's activities/payments are kept and stored in the system. It allows the user to manage rent and generate rentals for a specific period of time.

Subscription to Baraza Property Management

As for any system, for one to access Baraza Property Management they have to subscribe and here are the steps to be followed:

1.Click on 'Subscribe' button

2.Fill in all  the required fields 

 3.Click on 'Subscribe'

4.Login credentials will be sent to the email provided in step (3)

5.Click on 'HERE' to login to the system

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